Before You Build Things Online …

Here are some of the things you need to know before attempting build things online and make money:

Since I wrote my ebook and built my website last year, my business model and strategies have changed quite a bit. After paying for more courses and continuing to study internet business and money-making strategies, there are a few things that I wish I’d known from the very beginning.

Make Your Site About ONE Theme / Topic

Some people when they’re first starting out will include all different kinds of topics and articles under a domain name that doesn’t even relate their content. Don’t do this. Make sure your site is about something that can be described in one sentence.

Be Willing to Spend Some Money

If you really want to create a profitable website, then you should be willing to make an investment starting with at least $1000. There are plenty of guides out there that explain ways you can create a profitable niche site for under $40. I imagine you can, technically. The question is how long you are willing to wait for it to become profitable. Three years? Five? After that long, what’s the point?

If you want to be competitive, you need tons of content. You can try and write out all of that material yourself – but that might not be practical, especially if you have a day job.
The 50 pages of high-quality content you require to build authority and get links isn’t something you can achieve overnight. $1,000 will still not be enough to achieve this, between the content you pen yourself and the writers you pay.

So, you should think of your website as a real business, not just something you can passively engage in and make money with. This means that you need to create a business plan, you need make a budget, and you need to set goals and benchmarks to see your progress through to completion.

Knowing How Long it Takes to Rank

Another important aspect of this work knowing how long it takes to rank. I didn’t have reasonable expectations when I started, and this put me in danger of giving up. You need to know, it could take as long as a year for Google to start sending you visitors!

You have to have stuff posted for a long time before the ball really gets rolling and you start to see visitors rolling in from Google. Ahrefs has an excellent study on this topic:

Less than 5% of the results on the search engine results pages are posts from this year. This should tell you something. You may have to wait a long time before getting traffic, let alone landing a sale.

Spend some Money on Tools

There are some tools out there that require subscription services. Take a look at my Entrepreneurial section for a list of tools I recommend.

build things online

The Importance of Keyword Research.

Yes, this might seem like a no-brainer, but let me explain. When I was getting started, I believed that if I simply created useful content, traffic would show up on its own. I listened to the thought leaders when they explained that Google was getting smarter and it was more capable of serving the best content to users even if you didn’t use exact keywords.

By underestimating the importance of keyword research, I made ranking unnecessarily hard for myself. There’s no point in avoiding this. Before starting on your next blog post, pop the keyword into a tool like Mongool’s keyword finder and take a look at what kinds of items come up as far as volume and difficulty.

Then you can start planning. Making money online all derives from this very simple principle: find what people are looking for, provide the very best information on the topic, and then give them a link to an affiliate product or resource that pay commissions. You don’t have to adopt this exact strategy, as some people make their income from advertising instead of selling things, but this is the most basic system to make a return on your time spent building your website.

Build Things Online

Have a Backlink Strategy planned from the very beginning.

Think about how you’re going to get backlinks and when you start planning your content. If you know what your website is about, then you should be able to identify your competitors. Take a look at which pages on their sites are linked the most. Take note of which keywords they’re ranking for. This is how you identify profitable opportunities. You can create content that is better in some areas than your competitors, then shop it around for links.

You can look for broken links to fill with your content. You can run queries and look for resource pages on other sites. You can write reviews for other people’s content to get links. But never, ever pay for links! Not even once.

Website Analysis Tools


Mongool’s Keyword Finder:
Mongool’s Serp Checker:

Organization Tools

Headline Checker:


The Next Big Niche
For building niche sites while abroad, I recommend Aaron’s Next Big Niche course. It taught me everything I needed to know about WordPress, plug-ins, menus, and more. Can’t beat the value you get for the price, though some of the videos can be difficult to watch in full from China unless you’ve got a good VPN.


There are other considerations that I will add to this list in the future, but these are the basic things that I would tell anyone before they decide to start a site for purposes of profit. It’s easier to make money in the real world getting a job than it is trying to build websites and sell affiliate products. But if you have the fortitude, it could prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. I just feel there are too many people out there profiting off of telling others how they can make money online without ever making any themselves.

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