How to Access Facebook in China

How to Access Facebook and other Worthless Blocked Sites in China

Some of the other authority sites covering China life for expats have long sales pages of technical comparison charts when it comes to discussions about which VPN to pick. Well, I can’t recommend any other VPN services than the one I’m going to here. I’ve only used one since I’ve come to China and it has always been enough for my needs: Strong VPN!

In case you’re confused as to why someone might require a VPN, you can read my post here describing which sites in China are blocked. If you want to access those other services, you’ve got some options, some more reliable than others.

What is a VPN?
It’s an I.P. mask that makes you appear to be somewhere you’re not. In order to run such a service on your computer, you need to either be savvy enough to create your own proxy, or you need to pay a subscription for access to a server abroad. In order to access these servers, you usually have to download a client compatible with your operating system to activate your connection.

When should you get a VPN?
You should preferably get one before coming to China. Strong VPN is pretty cool in that they have service pages even when censors have been trying to block out all commercial VPN sites. But not all services are that cunning. Strong VPN also has pretty decent customer support. Run into a problem and you can send them an email.

Why do I recommend Strong VPN?
I like the way that I have been able test their servers at various locations around the world to find the one that yields the best ping. I also like the way I can switch servers if I need to, though the number of switches I can do is limited to a certain period of time. Honestly, I haven’t needed to switch in the longest time. I have been accessing blocked content on my PC and on phone constantly, with minimal interruption. The Chinese firewall is only a minor inconvenience for me. You’ll know it’s me when you see the white guy watching YouTube videos in Starbucks on his phone.

You can use your subscription on your PC or tablet or any other mobile devices. You just have to remember that only one device can be connected per subscription at a time. That has been a thing for me sometimes, where I’ll try to connect on my desktop and I can’t, because my phone is still connected. Very minor inconvenience, and I have to plan sometimes what I’m going to get done on local or U.S. internet.

Just so you know, no Torrents over your VPN connection
You want to download the latest episode of “Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones,” download it over local internet only. Always check to make sure you’ve turned off your VPN client when opening your file-sharing client. Otherwise you’re going to get a warning email from the VPN support that you’re in danger of getting your subscription shut down.

Fine. What’s the next step?
If you’re in China click this link.
If you’re in the U.S. or already using another VPN, click here.

Register and subscribe to their service! Download the client for your OS. Activate your client until the little shield turns green. And there you are! Ready to fap!