Chinese Gold Diggers

Unabashed Materialism from Chinese Gold Diggers

I found this video circulating in my online haunts, and because it so poignantly exemplifies the unapologetic materialism of Chinese women, I felt it was worth a second analysis. First, I want to say that the purpose of this post isn’t to bash Chinese ladies in particular. They’re only acting on cultural establishments that enable their behavior. What I think is most notable about this video is how it strips away any illusion of love playing a part in the process of them selecting a suitable partner to marry.

It even says quite clearly in the video 你没有车, 你没有房, 别想把美女泡上床. If you don’t have a house and a car, you can forget about having sex with pretty women. I doubt that it’s implying that you will only get ugly women on your bed in that case, but the statement is still a bit disheartening because they are openly admitting that sex is their key stock in trade, not companionship, or love, or the joy of sharing a life together. Exchanging sex as a commodity for resources, what do you call someone who does that? I believe there’s a word for that.

In the video, the women sing about how they already have a house and a car, so they don’t need your help. But if you want to be involved with them, you need your own house and car because they refuse to be your mother and allow you to mooch off of them for support. What’s strange about this part of the song is that it would be practically impossible women as young as those in the video to afford their own homes and cars, so how could they come by those things? Not without the help of their families.

While China is more patriarchal than the West in some ways, it is clear that there is still a fair share of gynocentrism to be found in the culture. Just like the West, some people perceive women to a somewhat sacred source of love and acceptance, and if you can’t win their approval, society pressures you to start questioning your sense of self-worth.

Young men in China are compelled to marry early in life, and it is impractical for them to purchase a house and a car so soon in their careers. So for those unfortunate men faced with huge economic obstacles, what do you think these suggestions do to their self-esteem?

Chinese Gold Diggers

Some people I’ve shown the video to have surmised that it might be a kind of satire. They’ve said that there has been a notable cultural backlash in China against women that will only marry if a house and a car comes as part of the package. While it may be a possibility, I’m doubtful. One reason is that China doesn’t seem to understand sarcasm. In my interactions, I’ve had difficulty trying to explain sarcasm to my Chinese students and the intended humorous effect. Secondly, I think the women in the video believe what they’re singing. It’s my negative bias, but I doubt they have the sophistication to appreciate the song ironically.

What was your reaction to the video? Please share your thoughts below.