Earn Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin

If you want to create easy income streams, learn how to earn Bitcoin.

When I first started buying Bitcoin, the price was at about $700 a coin. Now it’s over $1,200. Buying and holding, I essentially made money sitting on my ass. So this must be what it feels like to make a worthwhile investment. For the most part, I’ve always felt that stocks and other investment vehicles have been excessively overvalued, which makes trying to implement investment strategies like Warren Buffet impractical.

Realizing that there are still huge investment opportunities in crypto-currencies, I also purchased Etherium. When I bought in, it was sitting at about $6 a coin. Now, it’s north of $12. As blockchain technology matures, so will the related opportunities to earn.

While there are still some hurdles that will need to be cleared before we can think of Bitcoin as a genuine currency, it’s on its way. Bitcoin is still pretty volatile. As a result, people perceive it more as something to buy and hold onto, like a stock. Still, there are more and more online services accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

I became interested in other ways to earn Bitcoin while abroad. I felt that if there are people out there using it as money, there should be other ways to accumulate it. Here are a few things I’ve found, and while most of them require you to have your own website, it’s not absolutely mandatory.


This is an image hosting platform that splits the advertising revenue with you in the form of Bitcoin. If you like creating memes or posting naughty images, this might be one way you can earn some coin. For every image you post, there is a link you can use.
earn bitcoin
If you have a website, you can also link back to the images from the platform. To make a demonstration, I’ve linked to my Supload images on this post.

The Sun Exchange

Earn Bitcoin
This company is so amazing in many different ways. By using your Bitcoin to purchase solar cells, you can receive passive rental income when it comes time for them to be used to generate electricity. In return for purchasing the cells, you are paid monthly in bitcoin over a term of 20 years. As of the time I’m writing this post, they have no open projects, but they said they will be accepting pledges for a new enterprise very soon.

Using Bitcoin, we may soon be able to circumvent certain regulatory barriers that kept us restricted from these kinds of investments. I look forward to a future where I can use Bitcoin to make even more micro-investments, benefiting with passive income streams from small investments in new businesses. The fact that Sun Exchange deals in green energy solutions makes the whole prospect even more incredible. Participating in projects through this company is one of the best things I’ve been a part of since I started dealing with cryptocurrencies.


There’s nothing like getting $10 in referral money from Coinbase when you don’t expect it. I woke up one morning to find that I’d made a little bit of money from referring users to Coinbase on this site. But here’s the thing you should note: it’s not just me that benefits. Everyone down the chain gets a kickback of $10 if they bring in more users. Here’s my referral link if you want to get started:

Buying Stuff Online

I feel that this is a very attractive little system, and while having a website was one of the things that helped me secure this income, you can share you referral link pretty much anywhere if you do it right. You should share the link on WeChat, Facebook (if you space out the link correctly), Twitter, anywhere. There is no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of this program if you like to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Local Bitcoin Affiliate

This program doesn’t pay an immense amount, but I feel you’ll make much more doing this than you will attempting to mine coins on your PC or use Bitcoin fountains. When logged into your Local Bitcoin account, click the word affiliate at the bottom of the screen. On the following pages, you’ll get a link that you can share with people on your social networks or websites.

earn bitcoins

After users sign up through your link, you’ll get tiny commissions commensurate with the amount of coin they purchase over the site. So far out of the few users I’ve signed up on the site, I’ve received about $0.60 cents in passive income.

Other Affiliate Programs

If you have a website or microblog, I recommend checking out some of the affiliate programs listed over at 99Bitcoins.com. Their list of bitcoin affiliate programs is pretty extensive and the rest of the website is pretty excellent too: https://99bitcoins.com/get-earn-bitcoins-massive-list-of-bitcoin-affiliate-programs/


The reason earning Bitcoin is such a great idea is because I believe that the currency is still wildly undervalued. Because it’s decentralized and omnipresent, it can’t be messed with the same way FIAT currencies are. People have been slow to adopt, but the tide is shifting. As of this month, Bitcoin broke a record high on price. I have a feeling whatever Bitcoin you can accumulate now will pay dividends in the future.

I will continue to update this guide as new opportunities become available.

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