Based Bachelor Guide

Get Established in China in Less Than a Month without Stress

Hey there fellow bachelors, what if I told you there was a way to reduce the difficult learning curve that comes with living in China to just a few weeks? What if I told you how you could use your time abroad to pave the way to financial independence? Would you take advantage of this information? If you said, “YES!” then you need the Based Bachelor Guide.

When I first came to China, I lost direction for a while. While teaching English, I was eagerly looking for employment to put my business education to use. I believe my asking salary was too high because every time I had an interview, they hired a Chinese person instead.

Being a little disenchanted with my failure to secure more gainful employment, I started to get into a bit of a funk for a while, playing video games and gaining weight. I went through a few failed relationships in the East, which didn’t help much for my self-esteem.

I saw that there was am online contest opening called Nanowrimo, where people attempt to write a book in a month. Writing a novel was something that I always wanted to do. Because I finally had the time to achieve this, I set out to make an attempt. Though I failed to produce 50k words before the end of the month, I did have a pretty good rough draft.

After completing the novel and doing several revisions, I paid three editors to help polish the manuscript. Afterward, I self-published, and so far the book has been well-received. I believe that if I’d been living in the U.S. at the time that inspiration struck, I would have never completed the project. I would have been too busy working a job that I probably wouldn’t have liked.

After reading a book called Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I started to change some of my everyday habits, and I was impressed with the quality of life I could achieve in China if I only disciplined myself a little better. Since then, I’ve written two more non-fiction books, one being the item below. By writing books, studying, and developing my skills as an online marketer, I have finally been able to create small streams of income. Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

The Based Bachelor Guide is going to eliminate all of the anxiety and guesswork that comes with moving out of your comfort bubble and into the unfamiliar.

This isn’t your standard travel guide. It’s not just about going to places to sightsee and party and waste a bunch of time. It’s about using your moments abroad to take control of your financial future. Here I have put together all the resources and advice you’ll need to minimize hang-ups, avoid social problems, optimize your mentality, and put your time to productive use.

You see, by quickly learning how to live in China, you’ll have ample free time. But that alone is not enough. You also need to have goals and practical guidance on how to achieve them. Even if you don’t know the first thing about entrepreneurship or building a business, this guide will give you an idea of where you can get started now.

It covers:
• What kinds of goals to set
• Mindset
• How to deal with culture shock
• Your Medical Examinations
• Banking and Personal Finance
• Finding a place
• Language Challenges
• Internet Challenges
• Making Friends
• Dining
• Meals
• Transportation
• Dating & Sex
• Healthcare
• Teaching
• Building a Business
• And MORE.

Who this guide is for:
This guide is for single men, most likely college grads, ages ranging from 21 to 40, who are ready to build a successful life in the Middle Kingdom.

Who this guide is not for:
Probably not women. It’s also not for people that have an aversion to working hard and achieving results.

This guide gives you all the details that you need to get started in China without having to Google all your questions – and it comes from someone that has lived in the country for more than five years. This is the guide I wish I had before coming to the country.

To summarize again, this guide gives you all the details you need to get started in your life in the East and how to direct your energy into a more stable and fulfilling future financially.

Based Bachelor's Guide

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Just imagine coming to China knowing what to expect and what you’re trying to achieve. Imagine how much more advanced you’re likely to be than anyone else that’s going over with you.

But if you don’t scoop this book up now, I can’t guarantee you’ll get the results you want out of your time in the East. China has chewed up and spat out plenty of foreigners. Some people don’t even make through their first year – they don’t have the constitution. But I have a feeling that’s not who you are, is it?