Who are you?
My name is Jason and I’ve been living in China for the last 5 years. I’ve never left. I’ve never even gone back to the U.S. once to visit! Since I’ve been living here, trying to master my Mandarin skills, I’ve found my calling as a writer and managed to self-publish a novel and a couple non-fiction titles. My passions are in online marketing, copywriting, and fiction, and yes all these things do have a synergy.

What is Based Bachelor?
Based Bachelor deals in information products and services to help writers and entrepreneurs build productive lives abroad. My guides are meant to help reduce the learning curve with living in an unfamiliar place, so you can focus on your goals. Right now, my main focus is on China – but I am already seeking out partners to help build the brand.

After living in China, teaching English at a university for a few years, I realized that not only did I have a ton of free time to use as I desire. I realized that if someone was really driven to accomplish something big, be it write a novel or build an online business, they could achieve it here, without the huge risk and uncertainty of having to quit their job and no income. You can live comfortably in China without having to deal with the incredible financial strain that comes with living in the West. Inspired by this discovery, I set out to share what I’ve learned.

What do you mean by “Based”?
On the internet the term has come to be synonymous with cool, but in the context of this brand, a Based Bachelor is a man that isn’t seeking outside validation for who they are in the world. They know who they are and what they want. They don’t make excuses for their failures and they feel no shame for their position. They actively set out to improve themselves and face challenges because that’s what life is for.

Your book is about building a “successful” life abroad. How are you qualified to advise?
It really depends on your definition of success. I feel that being able to integrate in a new country and live a healthy, happy life doing the things you love is a kind of success. But other people might say that this is a cop-out, success should include building multi-million dollar businesses or reaping a seven figure income. I can’t tell you exactly what your path should be, but I can share what I’ve learned in my quest to take control of my financial future. Though now I am selling books, doing affiliate marketing and online sales, I don’t want that to be the limit of my entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m striving to build something greater. Why not build something great in tandem?