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China: The Based Bachelor’s Guide: How to Build a Successful Life in China

Struggling in the Middle Kingdom? You need the Based Bachelor’s Guide When I first came to China, I lost direction

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buying bitcoin in China

Buying Bitcoin in China: a Step by Step Guide

Update 2/24/2017: I’ve noticed when visiting LocalBitcoins.com, I’ve had some difficulty selecting CNY as my currency of choice and China

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wechat businesses

WeChat Businesses

WeChat Businesses and How Chinese College Students get their Side-Hustle on “I sell socks.” I guess I shouldn’t have been

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How to Use WeChat Wallet

How to Use WeChat Wallet as a Foreigner in China

If You’re Going to Live in China, You Should Know How to Use WeChat Wallet Allow me to explain something

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Men's Clothes in China

Men’s Clothes in China

When buying men’s clothes in China, you’re going to need to check the equivalent sizes. I’m only average height and

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Meditation with Headspace – A Based Bachelor’s Review

Why Meditation is Important while Living Abroad One evening, I was going down the street on my e-bike and saw

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Staying Productive Abroad

6 Tips for Staying Productive while Abroad

When trying to build your websites or write that next book, staying focused and productive can be a challenge. 1.

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A Based Bachelor Review of “The Jet-setting Copywriter”

How to Fund Your Overseas Adventures as a Copywriter If you’ve been reading any websites about lifestyle businesses, you’ll find

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A Based Bachelor Review of “#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness”

#AskGaryVee I think one of the things that initially struck me about Gary Vaynerchuk is his dry practicality. His messages

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Chinese Universities VS. English Training Centers

There are big differences between Chinese universities and English training centers. Being someone that has worked in both a state-owned

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